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        Until recently, closets were thought of as simple, vertical boxes with a rod for hanging clothes.  Today, this has all changed.  A closet can be as elaborate as you like with an amazing array of specialized storage accommodations. 

The first step to better closet organization is to determine how much space is needed for each type of clothing and your preferred storage method.  Hanging can be divided into short, medium and long.  Non-hanging clothes can be folded and  put on shelves or into drawers or baskets.  Small items such as socks and underwear do best in either drawers or baskets. Shoes, hats, purses, jewelry, belts, ties and scarves each need a special place to call home.

    The two basic types of closets are "walk-in" and "reach-in".  As the names imply, you walk into a walk-in closet while you only reach into a reach-in.  If a reach in is exceptionally deep, it could constitute a shallow walk in.

    Closets can be customized using melamine laminate (a wood-like product) as in the photo at left, wire or a combination of the two.  All laminate closets are the most expensive but not necessarily the best value.  Wire closets are somewhat limited as far as what you can do with them.  That's why a majority of our closets combine the best of both worlds i.e. wire for hanging clothes and laminate towers for baskets, drawers and shelves.

    You'll need to inventory your clothing, shoes and accessories to determine how much space is required for each category.  Consider how you like to store things (folded or hanging) and where you like to store them--in drawers or baskets, on shelves or hanging.

     We want the design to work for you, so your input is very important. Some designs are flexible enough to change as your needs change.  You'll be truly amazed at how much space you have once it's well organized.  The bonus is that the rest of your non-storage space will seem that much larger once the clutter is under control.

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