Custom Closet Organization

        In addition to the "nuts & bolts" installation work, we can also help organize and plan your closet spaces.  Most closets are done with virtually no consideration for maximizing your space based on what you have. The primary consideration is usually cost containment i.e. builders want to keep costs as low as possible. This works fine until you settle in, then you realize how it could have been done much better. We can change all of that.

       First, our "organizing expert" will come to your location, take measurements, inventory your articles, brainstorm with you and present several options.  (As an alternative to this visit and to speed up the process; you can fax a sketch to us). Next, we'll draft a proposal to suit your individual needs and budget. You'll see exactly how your space will be used and the cost. This takes a day or two. Many times a design can be upgraded later.   

    Until recently, closets were thought of as simple, vertical boxes with a rod for hanging clothes.  The first step to better closet organization is to determine how much space is needed for each type of clothing and your preferred storage method.  Hanging can be divided into short, medium and long.  Non-hanging clothes can be folded and either put on shelves or into drawers or baskets.

    We'll help inventory your clothing, shoes and accessories to determine how much space is required for each category.  We'll consider how you like to store things (folded or hanging) and where you prefer to store them (drawers, baskets, shelves or hung on rods).            

    We want the design to work for you, so your input is very important. Some designs are flexible enough to change with your needs. You'll truly be amazed at how much space you have once it's well organized.  The bonus is that the rest of your home's non-storage space will seem that much larger.


    An important part of this process is sorting into "Keep, Give Away, Get Rid Of, Undecided" piles.  If you haven't worn the clothes in a year it's time to purge.

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BENEFITS to being better organized:

  1. Everything has a place.
  2. Finding things will be quicker and easier.
  3. Wasted storage space will be minimized or eliminated.
  4. Less clutter will make living areas seem larger.
  5. Many useless things will be discarded as you sort and organize.
  6. Organizing your things will help you organize other areas of life.
  7. Peace of mind will come with better organization.
  8. More and better storage will enhance your home's value.


My Closet Needs Inventory Worksheet (print, fill-in & fax)

Personal Profile:

Name: _____________________________________________

Home Address (storage location): ________________________

City: ______________________ State: _____ Zip: __________

Daytime Phone: ___________________

Evening Phone: ___________________

E-mail Address: ___________________

Clothes Closet (fill out one form for each closet):

Long hanging garments: ____________ His ____________ Hers (in feet)

Short hanging garments: ____________ His ____________ Hers (in feet)

Space for folded items:   ____________ His ____________ Hers (in feet of shelf space stacked 10" high)

Pairs of shoes:             _____________ His ____________ Hers (number)

Belts:                          _____________ His ____________ Hers (number)

Ties or Scarves:           _____________ His ____________ Hers (number)

Need to store socks & underwear in closet?  No ___ Yes ___  In drawers ____ baskets____ 

Jewelry Drawer?  No ___  Yes ___   Any loose items for drawers or baskets? No ___ Yes ___

Need to collect laundry in closet?  No ___ Yes ___   Dry cleaning? No ___ Yes ___

Entry Closets:

Long Coats: __________   Medium Length Coats: _________  Short Jackets: _________  (in feet)

Hats: _________ Gloves/Mittens:________ Scarves: _________  In baskets, drawers or on shelves? ________

Shoes/Boots: ____________ (in feet)  Other items: _______________________________

Storage of taller items (vacuum, mops, brooms, ironing board, etc): _______________________

Other Closets or Storage Areas: