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Minnesota's Top Closet Organizer

    Tim can design and install a custom closet system to meet your organizing needs. Both Closet Maid wire shelving and melamine/laminate (Preferred Woodworks) closet systems are available.  Our prices are very competitive (compared to those fancy California ones).  Years ago we all lived simpler lives with fewer possessions including clothing. Since we all have so much to store, we need to carefully consider how and where we store those items whether clothing, towels, blankets, food, toys, games, books, etc. 

    Our business is helping you solve these storage and organization challenges. Having lots of stuff isn't the real problem--consider all the material libraries have yet they don't fill up or seem cluttered.  Today finding better ways to store our things can help alleviate many frustrations and headaches.  (Above photo features a combination wire/laminate closet system.)

 Successful storage goes hand-in-hand with good organization.  Organized storage means being able to see, access and easily retrieve stored items wherever they may be and whenever you need them. This is why you need to think as much about organization and access as well as capacity when planning your storage. Time spent planning your storage will be well worth it. 


Maximizing storage space through expert design and quality materials is our specialty. Most home and commercial storage areas waste 50-75% of available space. The better you plan your storage space, the more room you'll have. 




 (Left, an all laminate Walk-in closet system.)





Forget the tired old 'pole & plank', there's a better way and you're at  the right place to get started.  First, browse this site, look at the pictures, follow the links, read the tips. When you're ready, make an appointment.  Our experts will help you get organized & determine the best use of your existing space. 

        We'll take into consideration what you have, how you like to store it, traffic patterns, visual appeal and your budget.  We feature a wide range of products and materials at various price points to suit nearly every budget. 


(Right, Reach-in closet using Super Slide wire.)




All of our installations are done by professionals who take the time to get the job done right. Our materials and workmanship are fully guaranteed.  If you ever have a problem we're nearby and can fix it quickly.  We're committed to solving your storage problems and helping you become  better organized and more efficient.   

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