We can help anyone who wants to improve their closet & storage capacity.  Price shouldn't be a barrier. Therefore, we have many options in 3 broad price categories--Economy, Standard & Premium.  The options are endless but your budget is the starting point for determining what will work best for you.  Also, please consider how we compare with other local closet companies.

 Our General Price Categories

  1. ECONOMY ($75-150) *
  1. STANDARD ($175-450) *
  1. PREMIUM ($500-775) *

* Pricing based on one 8’ “Reach-In” closet using Closet Maid wire shelving & 14" x  ¾” wall hanging melamine laminate.  All material & installation labor included.

For more infomation call:  Office:  952.492.2088  Cell: 612.298.0851

E-mail:  Tims Custom Closets

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