Tim's Custom Closets

GETTING STARTED . . . what we can do for you.

1. First, an appointment with an "organizing expert" needs to be arranged to take measurements, inventory your articles, brainstorm with you and present several options.  An alternative to this visit (and to speed up the process), you can email or fax a simple sketch to us.  Do  your own measuring to the inch; let us know what you have & what you'd like. 

2. Once we get this information we'll draft a proposal to suit your requirements. You'll see exactly how your space will be used. This usually takes a few days. Changes can easily be made at this point.  Sometimes a design can be upgraded later.

3. Then, we'll discuss what can be done and the approximate cost.  We want you to be comfortable with the design and price.  We're committed to meeting your needs at your price point. 

4. Installation:

So call or email us today and get on the road to a more organized life. You'll never regret being better organized.

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